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What Is Bar Plate Heat Exchanger?

The Composition of bar plate heat exchanger

Bar plate heat exchanger is made of clapboard, fin, seal, guide vane.Fins, guide vanes and seals are put between two adjacent baffles,make it become to a sandwich,this sandwich is called path,and placing these path together according to the flow of the fluid,and then welding them,the core is finished.Last welding the core and ports and tank together,we will get a perfect bar plate heat exchanger.

The features of bar plate heat exchanger

(1) High performance heat transfer. Because of the thin thickness of the clapboard and the fins,this heat exchanger have high thermal conductivity,then will get high performance heat transfer efficiency.

(2) Compact constructure.

(3) Light weight.Bar plate heat exchanger is always made of aluminum with its compact structure,which give it a light weight.

(4) Widely application.Bar plate heat exchanger can be used for many kinds of heat transfer,such as gas to gas,gas to liquid,liquid to liquid and so on.By the different combinations of fluid channel,it can be used for reverse flow, cross flow and multi flow.In the other hand,by diffirent combination mode,such as series, parallel, series parallel connection,can be satisfy many kinds of heat transfer equipment.

(5) Shortcoming:it is easy to blocking and corrosion,and it is not easy to repair.So it is widely apply for cleaning medium.

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