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Vacuum brazed cold plate

The vacuum brazed cold plate is a heat sink formed by brazing after CNC machining on the basis of the composite solder profile. The structure of the heat sink is more complicated and requires high precision. There are plate type, channel type, combined type, according to the customer's heat transfer requirements, design different cavity, and then select the appropriate fin type according to fluid medium, fluid resistance and so on.

The water-cooled plate adopts the machine-added mode, and the internal flow channel size and path can be freely designed. It is suitable for heat pipe cold plates with large power density, irregular heat source layout and limited space.

Finally, the sealing process is performed by a soldering process such as brazing. This process has high production requirements and is not suitable for applications with excessive heat dissipation density. It is not suitable for application conditions where the surface of the screw hole is too large to limit the water course or reduce reliability.

The biggest advantage of brazing cold plates is that the microchannels formed by the fins of the internal passages and the larger cooling area under the same volume size, so the heat exchange capacity is better than other structural cold plate products.

Application areas:

  • Electric locomotive cold plate

  • Storage power supply cold plate

  • Communication base station cold board 

  • wind power converters

  • photovoltaic inverters

  • IGBTs

  • motor controllers

  • lasers

  • energy storage power supplies

  • supercomputers and other areas of heat dissipation products

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